Below are some of the very favourable comments we have received from some of our clients:

              "I recommend you today to an existing client as follows ... may I suggest that you consider engaging Jai Basrur of Christmas Gouwland Basrur Consulting Limited to complete an independent valuation.  As you probably know, Jai specialises in preparing company valuations for technology companies and I have no hesitation in recommending him."  

"This whole process has been fantastically professional and has realised returns way beyond my private expectations."

                         "It has been a privilege to work with you.  I am particularly grateful for your patience with us as we grappled with the mysteries of your craft.  And then there was your oral evidence where you were unflappable under cross-examination and took every opportunity steadily to advance our client's case.  On the day I thought it was necessary and if, as can happen, my cross-examination left the judge unimpressed, your calm persistence, when yourself under cross-examination, will have balanced and complemented my work.  So thank you, we worked well as a team.  I am pleased to act as reference, your work for us was exemplary."  

"It was a real pleasure to meet you yesterday and to hear about your vast experiences and gain some insight into valuation techniques and processes and the 'grey areas' which I am sure pose some interesting debates from time to time.  I am sure I speak on behalf of our team, we thoroughly enjoyed your presentation."

                             "I would like to thank you for your amazing support and knowledge over the last six months as we went through the process of selling our business.  I have been telling people we had a great team that got this over the line for us, but far and away the best was you due to your knowledge, practicality, overall understanding of our business and the bits that matter and your ability to talk to laymen (i.e., me).  Your genuine interest in the process and the players came through loud and clear and we always knew you had our best interests at the base of everything you do.  As well as continuing to refer you to others who are looking to change the structure of their business I look forward to getting you involved in future business ventures with me."  

"Your work helped contribute to a relatively smooth consultation process with airlines - a reflection of good quality information being shared freely."

          "I find your advice cultured, considered and invaluable.  It is a pleasure working with you."  

"A brief personal note to thank you for your presentation today.  A complex area to say the least!  I will certainly store your details away for future referral opportunities."

            "A huge thank you to you for presenting to us today - I have already had a number of very favourable comments from fellow staff and partners who attended the presentation.  We very much appreciate you giving up your valuable time to come and present to us.  I hope there will be many opportunities for us to work with you going forward."

"This is just a short notice to say 'thank you' for your presentation.  Reports which have come back to me were superb and apparently the presentation aroused considerable interest.  I know that preparing for these seminars does take an inordinate amount of time, way beyond what the audience may realise.  We are very appreciative of the time and trouble that you went to and for ensuring the success of the evening."

        "I would like to extend our thanks to you for an excellent presentation.  Feedback was very good on the night and many have commented that this type of short course lecture is exactly what is needed."  

"Thanks for coming to Wellington and making your presentation.  You stimulated a lot of discussion about valuations of IP.  It is certainly useful to know someone who has some practical experience in these matters."

                 "In an increasingly fast moving complex world the ability to have your thinking tested, challenged and validated is sensible if not essential.  As the chief financial officer of a Crown entity with a manufacturing bias you are often presented with issues that are complex in nature and require well thought through solutions that will stand the test of time.

Over the last five years I have used Mr Jai Basrur as an independent adviser / mentor on a range of accounting matters where an external perspective on the issue of the day has proven invaluable and provided assurance to both myself and the Board on the rigour and intellectual depth given to any recommended course of action.  Examples of Jai's adviser / mentor involvement over the years are:

- a major costing review, over some 18 months, which established a framework for applying a joint and by-product costing methodology within an activity based costing system.  Jai acted as an adviser / mentor to myself and the small finance team working on this major undertaking and provided quality input, guidance and most importantly assurance through the project.  The quality of the collective thinking has ensured a quality costing framework was established that continues to meet the organisation's needs some years later.

- interpreting the application of an accounting standard to a given situation, establishing the accounting treatment and assisting in securing auditor agreement of that proposed accounting treatment noting the auditor initially held a divergent view of treatment.

Jai continues in his adviser / mentor role on an as required basis and I have no hesitation in recommending him and his professional skill set in a similar capacity to others."


"Jai provided significant assistance as we undertook a process to review and improve the Douglas internal costing, pricing and transfer pricing framework.  Jai provided the key foundations to this transition, referencing best practice principals to help create a sustainable model still underpinning the business today. Both his knowledge and style were instrumental in helping me get all of the stakeholders to buy into the transformation required."

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